CAPC Staff

Diane E. Meier, MD, FACP
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Carol E. Sieger, JD
Chief Operating Officer



Christianne Dumas
Assistant to Dr. Diane Meier

Annette Scott
Office Manager


Community Initiatives

Meg Jones-Monteiro, MPH
Director of Community Initiatives

Jordane Jolley, LMSW
Manager of Community Initiatives



Brynn Bowman
Director of Education

Brittany Barnes, MPH, CHES
Project Manager

Robin Fail, MPP
Senior Education Associate

Julia Hart
Education Associate


Jennifer Petrina, MBA
Financial Director

Linda Hou
Salesforce Finance Manager

Alice Jackson
Finance Manager

Cassandra Reyes
Finance Associate


Marketing & Member Services

Susan Mantel, MBA
Vice President, Marketing & Member Services



Darrin DeMarco, MBA
Marketing Manager

Melissa Scholl
Marketing Manager

Trip Sirna
Marketing Manager


Member Services

Rosie Aponte
Membership Manager

Sara Smith Gelman
Membership Associate


Meetings & Events

Hallia Baker, CMP
Director of Meetings & Events

Derrick Sabater
Meetings & Events Associate


Payer/Provider Partnerships

Allison Silvers, MBA
Vice President, Payment & Policy

Seema Setia
Incubator Coordinator



Stacie Sinclair, MPP
Policy Manager


Research & Analytics

Tamara Dumanovsky, PhD
VP, Research & Analytics

Maggie Rogers, MPH
Senior Research Associate

Rachael Heitner, MA, CHPCA
Research Associate