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Call for Poster Abstract Submissions is Open

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Register now. Submission Deadline: August 1, 2016.

CAPC will be soliciting submissions for the Poster Session at the CAPC National Seminar. This year’s Seminar takes place October 27-29 in Orlando, FL, and a pre-conference Boot Camp for community-based palliative care program design will be held on Wednesday, October 26th. The deadline to submit is August 1, 2016.

The Poster Session will be held the evening of Thursday, October 27th, and all participants will have an opportunity to talk with you and learn from your work.  Posters will also be displayed throughout Seminar and featured on CAPC’s website after the event.

Authors are encouraged to read “Writing Abstracts and Developing Posters for National Meetings,” Wood and Morrison J Pall Med 2011; 14:353-359.

Topic Areas for 2016 Poster Submissions 

Palliative care poster topics change each year. The 2016 poster submission topics are: 

•    Measuring impact and value
•    Palliative care education
•    Specific patient populations 
•    Pediatrics
•    Integration of palliative care to specific settings (e.g. hospital, ICU, home, nursing home, clinic)
•    Staffing models
•    Leveraging technology (e.g. EMR, telehealth)
•    Equitable access to palliative care for vulnerable populations
•    Advocacy and coalition-building
•    Health system strategies
•    Payment models
•    Care transitions
•    Ensuring quality in advance care planning
•    Team wellness
•    Quality improvement

What the Review Committee Will Consider

•    Creative, replicable approaches to overcoming common obstacles for the palliative care team
•    Scientific posters that demonstrate cutting-edge research and palliative care outcomes
•    Submissions from any discipline

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Please Note: Individuals who are displaying a poster at the CAPC Seminar must register for the seminar. Poster representatives are responsible for their registration fees, travel and hotel accommodations.

Past Poster Sessions

Benefit from the challenges and innovations of your peers as you browse through posters from past CAPC National Seminar poster sessions. Even though you're not face-to-face, you can connect to the presenters via email to learn more and brainstorm.

Our palliative care seminar and poster session participants are from a wide variety of institutions and care settings, including the Palliative Care Leadership Centers™ (PCLC).  

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