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2017 Poster Session 

Posters from the 2017 National Seminar are online! 

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Benefit from the challenges and innovations of your peers as you browse through posters from the 2017 CAPC National Seminar poster session. Even though you're not face-to-face, you can connect to the presenters via email to learn more and brainstorm.

Our palliative care Seminar and poster session participants are from a wide variety of institutions and care settings, including the Palliative Care Leadership Centers™.  

Topic areas for the 2017 Poster Session include:

  • Measuring impact and value
  • Patient identification and assessment of palliative care needs
  • Expanding access to palliative care through workforce education
  • Disease-specific palliative care models
  • Pediatric palliative care
  • Integration of palliative care to specific care settings 
  • Staffing models that are responsive to patient needs
  • Leveraging technology to expand services
  • Equitable access to palliative care for vulnerable populations
  • Advocacy and coalition-building
  • Implementing palliative care across the health system
  • Sustainable financing of palliative care services
  • Partnering to provide seamless care transitions
  • Aligning care with patient goals
  • Team health/wellness
  • Quality improvement projects for the palliative care team

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