Despite the rapid growth of palliative care in the U.S., most people who need it don’t get it. To help close this gap, CAPC has launched a five-year national effort—Project Tipping Point. The cornerstone is a nationwide competition, the Tipping Point Challenge.

The second Tipping Point Challenge focuses on innovative, breakthrough initiatives that will make positive change in the care of serious illness. This Challenge is open to all health care organizations across all settings, disciplines, and specialties. Submissions took place April 1-30, 2021.

CAPC launched the first Tipping Point Challenge (from January 10 - December 31, 2019). Over 1500 organizations met the Challenge with 24 organization winners and another 70 achieving the Honor Roll. A remarkable 15,000+ clinicians enhanced their training by completing 149,000 courses!

Due to generous funding and support from The John A. Hartford Foundation, the Challenge is officially called The John A. Hartford Foundation Tipping Point Challenge.

The Tipping Point Challenge represents a way for the workforce caring for people living with serious illness to improve the care they deliver to patients and families in need - to help them manage their pain, their symptoms, to help with the needs of families, care coordination, communication - all of the critically important components of care for people who live with serious illness.