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Palliative Care’s Value-Based Future

A Palliative Care News article discusses the need to shift from fee-for-service to value-based systems for sustainable reimbursement.

To Prescribe or Not to Prescribe, That Is the Question

Insights on opioid prescribing for chronic, cancer-related pain from physicians who treat pain in survivorship

Program Helps Adults with Intellectual, Developmental Disabilities on Cancer Journey

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute launches a neuro-inclusive program to help adults living with cancer, who also have intellectual disabilities.

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Palliative Care for Patients With Cancer: ASCO Guideline Update

ASCO updates clinical guidelines, recommending early integration of palliative care for people living with cancer.

Providing Culturally Sensitive Palliative Care to Children with Cancer

The importance of holistic and culturally sensitive care for children living with cancer, and their families.

How to Build a Health Equity Focus into Value-Based Payment Design

A new brief provides a framework for incorporating health equity into value-based payment design.

Patients Fare Better When They Get Palliative Care Sooner, Not Later

Scientific American piece discusses the benefits of palliative care, especially when offered early in a serious illness diagnosis.

Palliative Care Research and Clinical Practice Priorities in the United States

Experts identify and prioritize key areas for palliative care research and clinical practice.

Improving Inclusive Palliative Care for Transgender Patients

Inclusive training is crucial for improving palliative care for transgender patients.

Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Access to Accredited Facilities for Cancer Treatment

Researchers find that ACA insurance expansions improved access to specialized cancer care at NCI-CCCs.

New Hawai’i Medicaid Palliative Care Benefit

CMS approves a palliative care benefit in Hawai’i.

Lack of Consistency in Definitions for Palliative Surgery

Research and corresponding article emphasize the need for common definitions in palliative surgery.

Palliative Care Improves Quality of Life for Recipients of Bone Marrow Transplantation

An interview with researcher focused on bone marrow transplant and improving quality of life with palliative care.

Patients with Severe Symptoms of Systemic Sclerosis May Benefit from Palliative Care

How palliative care can help ease symptom burden of people living with systemic sclerosis.

New Dementia Guide Provides Best Standards of Care

NPHI, CAPC, and Aliviado Health partner to release the NHPI Dementia Care Resources Provider Guide.


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