Increasing access to palliative care and improving care quality for patients with serious illness through effective leadership.

How to Plan for Your Program in Periods of Uncertainty

A seasoned program leader shares how her team leaned in to uncertainty during the pandemic, gaining support and funding along the way.

How to Support Your Organization’s Emotional PPE Needs during COVID-19

Strategies that palliative care teams can implement when promoting well-being, without compromising themselves or their patients.

Top 10 Resources to Help You Through the COVID-19 Surge

Includes guidance for communicating with patients and families during the pandemic, and tools to work through resilience, moral distress, and grief.

How a Program Leader Climbed from Despair to Success

Diane E. Meier, MD, shares how her mentee – who was overwhelmed by increasing volume and limited staff – turned her program around.

Finding the Next Wave of Innovation

How we’re going to change the future of palliative care.

Utilizing Administrative Support to their Highest Potential

How administrative staff can support a busy palliative care team on a day-to-day basis, and relieve stress.

Scaling Home-Based Palliative Care to Better Serve the Seriously Ill Population

A former systems director shares how his team successfully saw additional high-need patients and families, without taxing resources.

Moving Into Nurse Leadership: From Barista to Palliative Care Lead

An inspiring nurse leader shares lessons learned in a Starbucks leadership training program, which prepared her for the role of palliative care lead.

5 Lessons for Emerging Palliative Care Leaders

A round up of actionable lessons from the 2019 CAPC National Seminar leadership sessions.