Increasing access to palliative care and improving care quality for patients with serious illness through effective leadership.

Dr. Diane Meier on the History and Future of Palliative Care Research

Why Diane Meier, MD, is excited about the future of palliative care research and was inspired by the 2024 AAHPM State of the Science keynote.

How to Provide Excellent Dementia Care for Patients with Dementia—and Their Families

A dementia care program director shares lessons learned over twenty years of caring for people with dementia, and their families.

When Recovery Takes Longer: How to Incorporate Palliative Care in LTACHs

Why palliative care can be helpful for people in Long Term Acute Care Hospitals (LTACHs)—and a roadmap for incorporating it into daily practice.

How the Mentor-Mentee Relationship Helps You Evolve as a Clinician

A seasoned clinical leader highlights the importance of mentorship throughout your career and shares advice on how to find a mentor, maintain the relationship, and more.

A Tribute to the Indispensable RN on the Palliative Care Team

A nurse leader shares important sentiments from palliative care RNs, and then offers four ways RNs can advocate for themselves in their careers.

Palliative Care in the Safety Net: Advice on Ensuring Access, Quality, and Stability

Creative and practical strategies for operating palliative care programs in the health care safety net.

Exploring Living Loss: How to Provide Support for Patients and Families

A social worker explains ‘living loss’ and provides five ways for clinicians to help patients, and their families, acknowledge and move through their grief.

How to Support State Palliative Care Payment Policy Discussions

Palliative care policy experts provide an overview of recent updates at the state level and share tips to increase effectiveness when working with state policymakers.

Enhancing Care for Diverse Communities: The Role of Community Health Workers

Exploring the expansive role of the Community Health Worker (CHW), a long-standing member of the health care team, who helps to bring more culturally-responsive care.

4 Ways Clinicians Can Address the Non-Physical Side Effects of Serious Illness

All about the non-physical side effects of serious illness—including social determinants of health, financial toxicity, and time toxicity—and what clinicians should do to address them.

Key 2024 Palliative Care Billing Updates Every Provider Should Know

An overview of changes to the 2024 CMS physician fee schedule that impact palliative care billing and coding.

In Memory of Jim Block, MD

Diane E. Meier, MD, and friends write a loving tribute to their longtime friend and colleague, Jim Block, MD, sharing memories and lessons learned throughout the years.


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