Program design across settings for the new, growing, or established palliative care program.

Palliative Care in the Safety Net: Advice on Ensuring Access, Quality, and Stability

Creative and practical strategies for operating palliative care programs in the health care safety net.

How to Support State Palliative Care Payment Policy Discussions

Palliative care policy experts provide an overview of recent updates at the state level and share tips to increase effectiveness when working with state policymakers.

Enhancing Care for Diverse Communities: The Role of Community Health Workers

Exploring the expansive role of the Community Health Worker (CHW), a long-standing member of the health care team, who helps to bring more culturally-responsive care.

“He’s Losing Weight…What Are You Doing to Help Him?”: How to Better Assess Your Patients’ Nutrition

How to screen people living with serious illness for nutritional risk—and when to consult with a registered dietitian.

How to Address Body Image Concerns in Patients with Breast Cancer

An oncologist, who is also a palliative care physician, shares how to help patients with their changing bodies when living with breast cancer.

Why Systems-Level Changes Are Needed to Address Health Worker Well-Being

How team leaders can address structural issues affecting health worker well-being—while waiting for systemic change.

The Potential of Women’s Councils in Medicine

Two clinical leaders share the ins and outs of starting a women’s council for connection and support among colleagues—no matter the discipline.

How to Use Planning to Drive Positive Organizational Change

Three tips to help jumpstart your planning efforts regardless of situation, role, program, organization, or team structure.

What Palliative Care Teams Need to Know When Caring for a Veteran

A Veterans Affairs (VA) clinician explores important ways that a palliative care team can meet the unique needs of veterans.

Integrative Palliative Care: An Emerging Field in Palliative Medicine

Explore how evidence-based integrative medicine therapies and palliative care intersect to expand the healing toolkit for patients with serious illness.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about RVUs But Were Afraid to Ask

Exploring the history and mechanics of relative value units (RVUs) to demystify and support constructive use.

How to Keep a Pulse on Your Team and Retention with Stay Interviews

A palliative care program administrator shares the ins and outs of stay interviews, including how and when to conduct them for team retention.


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