Program design across settings for the new, growing, or established palliative care program.

Resilience in the Face of COVID-19: An Update from Four Seasons’ Project ECHO

Updated July 2, 2020

How Four Seasons' Project ECHO initiative pivoted to focus on COVID-19, offering critical support for health care workers facing moral distress, grief, and compassion fatigue.

Inspire and Accelerate: 2019 CAPC National Seminar Poster Highlights

May 11, 2020

A review of the innovative projects that received Special Recognition at the 2019 CAPC National Seminar.

Response: Challenges of Promoting Uniformity in Programs Within a Health Care System

Updated May 18, 2020

An opinion piece reinforcing the need for a palliative care registry, introducing the new Palliative Care Quality Collaborative (PCQC).

Providing Soul Care in the COVID-19 Era

Updated May 18, 2020

A palliative care social worker and chaplain share how they are supporting patients, families, and colleagues during the pandemic.

Program Spotlight: Showing Your Program's Value and Return on Investment

Updated February 26, 2020

A palliative care program director discusses the importance of establishing processes and metrics for grant funding, and beyond.

Program Spotlight: Expanding into the Outpatient Setting

Updated February 26, 2020

Listen to a palliative care program director share her team's story about expanding services beyond the hospital.

How to Provide Palliative Care for Surgical Patients

Updated February 26, 2020

Dr. Ana Berlin of Columbia University Medical Center discusses ways in which palliative care specialists can collaborate with surgeons to care for the underserved surgical patient population.

Announcing CAPC's Top Blog Posts of 2019

Updated February 19, 2020

We're ringing in the new year with a look at the most-read blog posts from the past.

Five Key Insights on Hospital Palliative Care Programs

Updated January 29, 2020

CAPC's Director of Research walks us through important findings from the 2019 National Palliative Care Registry.