Ensuring equitable access to palliative care for all populations who could benefit, across all care settings.

“I Don’t See Color” Means You Don’t See Me

Why clinicians must unlearn well-intentioned but ultimately harmful conventions about race and ethnicity—and strategies to move forward.

Leaders Across the Country Share Their Health Equity Interventions

Interventions developed to improve care for Black people living with serious illness⁠—and how the palliative care field can leverage this work.

Caring for Undocumented Noncitizens: The Palliative Care Team's Role

A background on barriers to care for undocumented noncitizens—and seven ways palliative care teams can improve care for this population.

Acknowledging Barriers and Implementing Strategies to Reach Black People with Serious Illness

Interview highlights from CAPC’s environmental scan, Equitable Access to Quality Palliative Care for Black Patients

Rethinking Benefits and Incentives to Drive Equity for Black Patients During Serious Illness

New article written by CAPC staff published on the Better Care Playbook's blog.

Stay Ready: Attending to Implicit Bias in Health Care

A call for all in health care to become aware of unconscious, unintentional responses—or implicit biases—in order to provide the best care for patients and families.

CAPC Releases Key Findings from Literature Review of Health Care for Black Patients with Serious Illness

New literature review clearly establishes what is known about disparities, barriers, and successful interventions with 16 key findings.

Fostering a Safe Space for Our LGBTQ+ Patients and Staff

A palliative care physician discusses some of the unique needs and experiences of LGBTQ+ patients, and how clinicians can improve care for these populations.

Taking Action Toward Health Equity

Through our programs, platforms, and national community, CAPC is committed to making meaningful progress toward health equity for all people living with serious illness.

How to Promote Health Equity in Palliative Care by Collaborating with Nursing

What NASEM’s recent nursing report means for the path to health equity, and strategies that palliative care teams can implement to facilitate change.

Social Workers Can Lead the Way in Addressing Health Inequities

Three practical steps that palliative care leaders can take to empower their social work colleagues, and help bridge gaps in health equity.

How to Address Vaccine Hesitancy for Patients Living with Serious Illness

A blog exploring the ins and outs of vaccine hesitancy, and an evidence-based roadmap for conversations about COVID-19 vaccines.

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