Ensuring equitable access to palliative care for all populations who could benefit, across all care settings.

How to Support AIAN/Native American Populations during COVID-19

Updated August 18, 2020

A discussion around the impact of COVID-19 on American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN)/Native American populations, and how palliative care teams can help address health care inequities.

Using Palliative Care to Support Equitable Care in the Midst of COVID-19

Updated June 15, 2020

An overview of COVID-19-related health and health care inequities for African Americans, palliative care’s role in caring for impacted patients and families, and CAPC tools to support these efforts.

Letter to the Field on Recent Events

June 2, 2020

We in palliative care are colleagues with shared values about the worth and dignity of each human life, and our community must be united against the racism that is killing our fellow humans.

How to Increase Awareness and Reduce Gaps in Palliative Care for Minorities

Updated July 9, 2020

The disparities in palliative care access and quality for minorities in the United States, and ways to remedy this.

Telemedicine 3.0: How Video Technology Can Support People With Serious Illness

Updated January 3, 2020

Michael Fratkin, MD, discusses the important role that telemedicine plays in palliative care—for patients, clinicians, and programs.

A Progress Report: Expanding Palliative Care with Project ECHO

Updated April 30, 2019

Be Prepared: Implementing Advance Care Planning Across Cultures

Updated April 30, 2019

An Interview with Dr. Edward Machtinger: Lessons of Trauma-Informed Care

Updated February 14, 2020

An Interview with Jay Bhatt, DO: The Essential Role of Palliative Care in Health Care Today

Updated July 30, 2019