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Palliative Care Leadership Centers Overview

In-Person Operational Training, Support and Yearlong Mentoring Customized to Your Individual Program

Established by the Center to Advance Palliative Care and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2003, PCLC has been one of the most successful development interventions in the field. Learn more below.


The Importance of Palliative Care Leadership Centers

Michael Rabow, MD, of the Palliative Care Leadership Center (PCLC) at UCSF defines the importance PCLCs play in helping programs grow successfully.


About the Palliative Care Leadership Centers™ (PCLC)

CAPC launched the PCLC initiative in 2003 to catalyze palliative care program development and growth.

A demonstrably effective method for the diffusion of palliative care innovation, PCLC training reduces the opportunity costs for palliative care program startup and delivery. It also propagates standardized best practices for all areas of program development and growth, including business and financial planning, clinical and staffing models, measurement and marketing.

More than 1,100 hospital and hospice teams have already attended a PCLC since 2003, and over 80% of PCLC graduates successfully established a palliative care program by their two-year mark.

Training and a Full Year of Mentoring

Palliative Care Leadership Centers conduct a two-day, in-person training followed by a year of mentoring. The focus is on the operational aspects of palliative care development and sustainability rather than on clinical training. Attendee teams choose a PCLC that best meets their needs and aligns with their organizational profile.

Each training is customized to the needs and priorities of the attending team, as identified in a comprehensive pre-visit needs assessment. Attendee teams return home with a work plan customized to their institutional characteristics, needs and priorities. Follow-up and troubleshooting is provided throughout a year of mentoring from PCLC faculty. 

Return on Investment

If you are already an active or mature program, PCLC will help ensure your sustainability and growth. If you’re just starting or re-starting a program, PCLC will result in less ramp-up time and a more efficient, cost-effective program. 
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Expanding Into Community-Based Settings

The PCLC initiative has expanded its focus to include community-based settings. To address growing demand, three new PCLCs have been added that focus specifically on palliative care in the home and office/clinic. 

Pediatric Palliative Care

The PCLC initiative has expanded its offerings for pediatric palliative care programs. Three sites now offer training tailored to the unique needs of teams caring for pediatric palliative care patients and their families. 

Located Across the United States

The PCLCs represent diverse settings including health systems, community-based hospitals, hospices, academic medical centers, cancer centers, VA and safety-net hospitals. Each offers a close, hands-on experience, as well as a 12-month mentoring follow-up to guide you through the challenges of program growth and sustainability. Who are they?
Choose the PCLC that's right for you.

Led by Physician, Nurse and Administrator Faculty

PCLC faculty are leaders in the field and experts in applying the most effective palliative care program models. You’ll benefit from their deep experience, knowledge and mentoring in all matters of program development.

Team-Oriented: Who Should Attend

PCLC is oriented to teams rather than individuals. Teams of professionals involved in the palliative care program should attend, including physicians, nurses, social workers, administrators and financial managers are all encouraged to attend. CAPC seminar attendees should also attend.

How to Enroll

Learn more about each PCLC location and their training dates

For tuition information and to enroll, go to


For specific questions about your upcoming training, please contact the administrator of the PCLC you will attend.

For general PCLC questions, please contact Jordane Jolley, LMSW, Manager of Community Initiatives at or (212) 824.9579.  

Palliative Care Leadership Centers™ (PCLC) is a national initiative of the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC).