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Palliative care is one of the fastest-growing fields in health care. But sustaining and growing existing programs, expanding into community-based settings, or starting a brand new palliative care program requires expert guidance and assistance.

To meet these needs, in 2003 the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation established a network of Palliative Care Leadership Centers™ (PCLC). Today our centers of excellence are nationally recognized for providing the team skills and organizational abilities you need to develop and deliver the highest-quality, sustainable programs. PCLC’s assessment tools, customized training, and one-on-one mentoring are designed to meet your team’s specific challenges and needs — and to catapult you to success.

Simply said, Palliative Care Leadership Centers™ turn complex program design and operation issues into positive program value and financial sustainability.

We accomplish this—and more—through our unique and proprietary training method. Rather than offering a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach, we custom-design the content for each team and organization, and provide a full year of mentoring to support ongoing program sustainability.

If your program is already active or mature, PCLC training helps ensure sustainability and growth. If you’re just starting—or restarting—a program, PCLC significantly shortens ramp-up time and ensures more efficient and cost-effective program development.

  • 1300
    teams have already attended a PCLC at least once
  • 1800+
    palliative care programs in the U.S.

Read about PCLC as a model of diffusion of innovation in health care in the February 2018 issue of Health Affairs.

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The Importance of Palliative Care Leadership Centers

Michael Rabow, MD, of the Palliative Care Leadership Center (PCLC) at UCSF defines the importance PCLCs play in helping programs grow successfully.