Step 1: Reach out to us

We can answer any questions you may have before you apply. Call Jennie Dulas at 425-610-6247, or email her at Or, contact a PCLC directly to discuss their program and training style.

Step 2: Decide which PCLC is right for you

There are many ways a team can choose a PCLC, including care setting, geographic location, training dates, and curriculum focus.

Start by selecting the PCLC that best matches your criteria. Visit Locations & Trainings for detailed information about each Palliative Care Leadership Center. If you need help choosing a location, call Jennie Dulas at 425-610-6247.

Step 3: Choose a training date and location below

Choose a training date and location. You will be automatically guided to CAPC's application portal.

Step 4: Speak with your PCLC faculty

Once you have chosen a date and location, a PCLC faculty member will reach out to you.

Step 5: Receive a 50% discount on CAPC membership

You’ll receive a 50% discount on CAPC membership for the year you apply or renew. CAPC membership is required, as its vast tools and resources are essential for PCLC training and mentoring. As a member, you’ll also receive additional discounts on the  CAPC National Seminar and the Journal of Palliative Medicine.

Dates and Locations