Based on the needs assessment of your program and on in-depth discussion with you, your training and mentoring plan will be tailored to your specific needs and challenges. The curriculum therefore adapts a wide variety of essential topic areas for adult or pediatric programs in multiple settings, including:

  • Strategic Program Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Clinical Models and Staffing
  • Business and Financial Planning
  • Program Launch or Expansion into New Care Settings
  • Team Dynamics and Team Management
  • Systems Assessment and Mission Alignment
  • Metrics and Measurement
  • ED and ICU Integration
  • Community Partnership and Stakeholder Development
  • Marketing and Education to Increase Referrals
  • Making the Case to Decision-Makers
  • Billing
  • Telehealth

And, the Palliative Care Leadership Centers customize and blend the following curriculum areas to meet your team and organization's specific needs:

PCLC Hospital

PCLC HOSPITAL focuses on inpatient palliative care service design for new or growing programs. Training addresses the unique program design considerations of your hospital team, including:

  • Strategic planning for palliative care within your hospital ecosystem
  • Financing strategies for launching or growing a service
  • Program measurement that ensures quality while aligning with hospital priorities
  • Collaboration across service lines
  • Note: Offered at all PCLCs
PCLC Home & Office/Clinic

PCLC HOME & OFFICE/CLINIC is for the hospice, home health agency, hospital, or other provider organization wishing to launch strategically-designed palliative care services for patients in clinics, at home, or in long term care. Training and mentoring include:

  • Defining the scope of the program in terms of geography and patient population
  • Designing services to meet the needs of your target population
  • Developing partnerships with referrers and other community services
  • Building financial stability through strong business planning
  • Note: Offered at all PCLCs
PCLC Pediatrics

PCLC PEDIATRICS is for hospitals, hospices, or other provider organizations interested in the unique program design considerations of pediatric palliative care, including:

  • Needs assessment and internal marketing strategies for pediatric palliative care in your organization
  • Program financing considerations to ensure sustainability
  • Clinical models, including service and staffing design to meet the needs of the pediatric population
  • Ways to develop community partnerships to ensure comprehensive, well-coordinated care
  • Strategies for transitioning to adult care
  • Note: Offered at UAB and UCSF