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Who’s Helping You? Coping with Trauma as a Health Care Worker

What repeated trauma without healing can do to a health care worker—and how to establish a new and healthier “normal”.

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Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act Reintroduced in the Senate

PCHETA reintroduced in the 117th Congress, just ahead of the Patient Quality of Life Coalition’s day of action (June 22).

News Bites

The American College of Physicians Lays Out Recommendations for Better Care Coordination

Position paper outlines four guiding principles to support primary and specialty care collaboration.

Clinical Care

How to Determine Whether a Home-Based Palliative Care Company Can Meet Your Patients’ Needs

A clinician shares how she vets home-based palliative care companies to ensure they are providing the best possible palliative care.

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