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Payment and Program Financing

Let’s Shift How Palliative Care Teams are Measured and Valued

Two leaders urge the palliative care field to make the case that RVUs aren’t the best way to measure palliative care program value.

News Bites

CAPC CEO Brynn Bowman: Palliative Care a Fundamental Shift in Health System

Palliative Care News spoke with Brynn Bowman, MPA about the current state of palliative care and how CAPC is engaged in the field.

Health Equity

How to Provide the Best Care for Patients with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDDs)

A third-year medical student, who developed inclusive curricula for UMass, offers suggestions for clinical encounters with patients with IDDs.

News Bites

A Lifetime of Racism Makes Alzheimer’s More Common in Black Americans

The Associated Press article examines health disparities experienced by Black Americans.

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