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Health Equity

Leaders Across the Country Share Their Health Equity Interventions

Interventions developed to improve care for Black people living with serious illness⁠—and how the palliative care field can leverage this work.

News Bites

Medical Student Provides a Voice for Patients and Families with Special Needs

Medical student brings course to her school, to teach first-year medical students essential skills to care for people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

News Bites

Physician Explains Pharmacists' Role in Educating Prescribers on Risks of Polypharmacy

Interview explaining the problems around overmedication for older adults, and how clinicians and pharmacists can work together to address this.

Palliative Care Models

How a Full-Risk Payment Model Powers an Illinois Home-Based Palliative Care Program

Advocate Aurora's model allows clinicians to provide the most appropriate care for their patients—without jumping through insurance hoops.

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