Pharmacist handing patient medication
Clinical Care

Part 1: Buprenorphine as an Essential Tool for Palliative Care Clinicians

A two-part blog post which explores how buprenorphine can help people living with serious illness – especially those with pain and opioid use challenges.

News Bites

Palliative Care as Essential to Hospital System's Pandemic Preparedness

How a health system in New York City responded to the need for core palliative care skills during the height of the pandemic.

News Bites

Top Ten Tips Palliative Clinicians Should Know About Evidence-Based Advocacy

JPM article describes best practices to advocate for increased palliative care access and quality.

Health Equity

Social Workers Can Lead the Way in Addressing Health Inequities

Three practical steps that palliative care leaders can take to empower their social work colleagues, and help bridge gaps in health equity.

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