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Palliative Care Models

Standardizing Home-Based Palliative Care: Necessary, Doable, and Fruitful

How palliative care clinicians and payers in California worked together to reduce unwanted variation and confusion in home-based palliative care.

News Bites

Correcting the Misperception of Palliative Care

Palliative care clinician clears up misunderstandings about palliative care with heartfelt explanation.

News Bites

The Power of a Palliative Perspective in Dermatology

JAMA Dermatology opinion piece calls for greater integration between dermatology and palliative care.

Clinical Care

How to Address Sexuality and Intimacy with People Living with a Serious Illness

Five screening questions clinicians can ask patients to understand the impact of their serious illness on intimacy and relationships.

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