Training all health care professionals in the clinical and leadership skills needed to address gaps in care for patients with serious illness.

A Roadmap for Workforce Training to Meet the Needs of Patients with Serious Illness

CAPC’s new clinical training recommendations provide a roadmap, equipping clinicians and organizations with needed knowledge and skills.

The Invisible Millions: Caring for Latino Patients and Families during COVID-19

How the pandemic has impacted Latinos living with serious illnesses – and the important role palliative care teams play in providing culturally humble care.

Finding the Next Wave of Innovation

How we’re going to change the future of palliative care.

5 Lessons for Emerging Palliative Care Leaders

A round up of actionable lessons from the 2019 CAPC National Seminar leadership sessions.

Introducing a New, Non-Residential, Community-Based HPM Fellowship

CU Anschutz offers an alternative pathway for mid-career physicians seeking hospice and palliative medicine fellowship.

Inspire and Accelerate: 2019 CAPC National Seminar Poster Highlights

A review of the innovative projects that received Special Recognition at the 2019 CAPC National Seminar.

Leveraging CME Requirements to Improve Palliative Care Delivery

A deep dive into continuing medical education (CME) requirements across the country and how palliative care fits in.

Nourish the Roots: The Importance of Palliative Care Education in Medical School

A fourth-year medical student makes the case for improving palliative care education at the medical student and resident levels.

Positive Impact of Palliative Care Education on ICU Nurses

How Aultman Hospital integrated palliative care across four ICU settings by surveying and training their bedside nurses.