Training all health care professionals in the clinical and leadership skills needed to address gaps in care for patients with serious illness.

Part 2: The Ins and Outs of Prescribing Buprenorphine

Final post of a two-part blog series, which covers how to prescribe buprenorphine, considerations, and potential barriers for use.

Part 1: Buprenorphine as an Essential Tool for Palliative Care Clinicians

A two-part blog post which explores how buprenorphine can help people living with serious illness – especially those with pain and opioid use challenges.

How to Address Vaccine Hesitancy for Patients Living with Serious Illness

A blog exploring the ins and outs of vaccine hesitancy, and a new evidence-based roadmap for conversations about COVID-19 vaccines.

A Roadmap for Workforce Training to Meet the Needs of Patients with Serious Illness

CAPC’s new clinical training recommendations provide a roadmap, equipping clinicians and organizations with needed knowledge and skills.

The Invisible Millions: Caring for Latino Patients and Families during COVID-19

How the pandemic has impacted Latinos living with serious illnesses – and the important role palliative care teams play in providing culturally humble care.

Finding the Next Wave of Innovation

How we’re going to change the future of palliative care.

5 Lessons for Emerging Palliative Care Leaders

A round up of actionable lessons from the 2019 CAPC National Seminar leadership sessions.

Introducing a New, Non-Residential, Community-Based HPM Fellowship

CU Anschutz offers an alternative pathway for mid-career physicians seeking hospice and palliative medicine fellowship.

Inspire and Accelerate: 2019 CAPC National Seminar Poster Highlights

A review of the innovative projects that received Special Recognition at the 2019 CAPC National Seminar.