Best practices in clinical care delivery to improve quality of life for patients living with serious illness and their families.

Countertransference in Palliative Care Practice: What’s a Clinician to Do?

Understanding the psychology behind an unconscious response in patient encounters, and how clinicians can make meaning of these experiences.

Announcing CAPC's Top Blog Posts of 2021

We're welcoming the new year with a look at the most-read blog posts in 2021.

How to Care for Children with Serious Illness When Pediatric Palliative Care is Unavailable

A pediatric palliative care clinician shares five important things to consider when treating children living with serious illness.

Doing Double Duty: Health Care Workers Who Also Care for Loved Ones

Recognizing the needs of health care workers who serve as unpaid caregivers after clocking out for the day—and the added stress of the pandemic.

Fostering a Safe Space for Our LGBTQ+ Patients and Staff

A palliative care physician discusses some of the unique needs and experiences of LGBTQ+ patients, and how clinicians can improve care for these populations.

On Being a Palliative Care Clinician During the Delta Surge

A palliative care leader, who had a breakthrough infection, shares how he and his team are coping during this emotionally draining time.

How to Promote Health Equity in Palliative Care by Collaborating with Nursing

What NASEM’s recent nursing report means for the path to health equity, and strategies that palliative care teams can implement to facilitate change.

Finding a New Normal for Our Palliative Care Team in the COVID-19 Era

How Oschner Health's palliative care team is working through the tensions of the pandemic, while planning forward and healing, together.

Learning about Palliative Care in India, While Waitlisted for Nursing School

A recent nursing school graduate, who learned about palliative care through a field-based program and Pallium India, reflects on her experience.