Advancing palliative care payment from both public and private payers.

Medicare Proposes to Extend Coverage of Certain Telehealth Visits Through the End of 2023

Evaluation and management codes in the hospital, nursing facility, and home setting considered for extension.

Views on Palliative Care via Telehealth: A Virtual Panel Discussion

Palliative care program leaders reflect on their telehealth experiences throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and discuss wishes for the future.

Palliative Care Payment Model on the Not-So-Distant Horizon

CAPC's Allison Silvers interviewed about an alternative payment model to cover community based palliative care, which could pay the entire team.

The Commonwealth Fund Releases Report on State Actions on Telehealth

Five states have passed requirements for insurance coverage post-pandemic.

Growing Signals for a Serious Illness Medicare Payment Model

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation team member publicly acknowledges interest in palliative care.

New Federal Grant Programs to Support Telehealth Investments

The Federal Communications Commission and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Rural Development, open applications.

CMMI Announces Participants in the Direct Contracting Model

53 Entities Participating, with 6 focusing on the High Needs Population

Leadership Tips: Preparing for a Stressful Budget Season

Budget season and business planning are often stressful for palliative care leaders. Find practical guidance for planning forward during the pandemic.

House Passes The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

Sweeping legislation includes provisions that will support people living with serious illness.