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CAPC Releases New Clinical Training Recommendations for All Clinicians Caring for Pediatric Patients with Serious Illness

All clinicians caring for pediatric patients with serious illness have the responsibility to improve outcomes, but many have not received the training.

New at CAPC: April 2022

Learn about new tools and resources on capc.org.

CAPC Releases Its 'Growth of Palliative Care in U.S. Hospitals: 2022 Snapshot'

Snapshot of the exponential growth of palliative care in U.S. hospitals since 2000.

New at CAPC: January-March 2022

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CAPC Launches Chronic Pain Strategies Clinical Training Unit

New courses provide comprehensive training in chronic pain management, risk mitigation, assessing opioid misuse, and access to treatment for OUD for patients with serious illness.

CAPC Releases Key Findings from Literature Review of Health Care for Black Patients with Serious Illness

New literature review clearly establishes what is known about disparities, barriers, and successful interventions with 16 key findings.

CAPC Updates Hospital Palliative Care Impact Calculator

With this tool, programs can calculate savings attributable to the palliative care team.

CAPC Releases New Serious Illness Strategies Publication

A summary of implementation best practices for health plans and ACOs driving value in the care of high-need, seriously ill populations.

CAPC Releases New Podcast, Breaking Point

Listen to CAPC's limited-series podcast, featuring stories from health care workers on the front lines of the pandemic.


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