How PCLC Works

Palliative Care Leadership Centers™ are nine nationwide centers of excellence providing customized training and mentoring to programs at every stage. The goal is to achieve program growth and sustainability and the best quality and highest value patient care. 

Focusing on the operational aspects of palliative care program design, growth, and sustainability, PCLC is a model in the US for the diffusion of innovation in health care. We leverage the expertise of national leaders; inspire with intensive, in-person team planning and training; and support your efforts with a full year of mentoring and a precisely customized approach.

Each PCLC experience provides:

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    A comprehensive needs assessment
    To customize the program to your needs, our first step is to establish each team’s requirements, readiness, strengths, and priorities. While PCLC covers all the key components of palliative care program design and development, PCLC training and mentoring is fully customized and blended based on the needs assessment and the unique requirements and culture of your organization.
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    In-person training with PCLC faculty
    Core to PCLC is the in-person strategic planning and training retreat with your PCLC faculty. Together we take an intensive, deep-dive into solutions to your needs and challenges. We help you clarify your goals, set priorities, and strengthen operations in a structured effort that produces fundamental decisions and actions. These will shape and guide you in the present and into the future. You come to us or we come to you.
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    A full year of ongoing mentoring, guidance, and troubleshooting by PCLC faculty
    PCLC faculty are all leaders in the field and experts in applying the most effective palliative care program models. Yearlong access to PCLC one-on-one mentoring ensures that you’ll benefit from deep experience, practical knowledge, and team-tailored feedback and advice.
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    The program design toolkit
    CAPC’s collection of tools, technical assistance, courses, and webinars are incorporated into the customized curriculum and are available to attendees online for use at all times.

There are two ways to attend:

You Come to Us

Coming to our institution for in-person training and strategic planning provides your team with dedicated time together, away from distractions. We then continue with yearlong mentoring by PCLC faculty, all experts in applying the widest range of effective palliative care program models.

We Come to You

PCLC can also bring our faculty and program directly to your institution. On-site presence at your institution allows us to work intimately with your full team, meet with your leadership, speak at educational venues, and more. We continue support with yearlong mentoring provided your PCLC faculty, all experts in applying the widest range of effective palliative care program models.