Jennifer Petrina 2023

Jennifer Petrina, MBA

As Chief Administration Officer, and a member of the leadership team, Jennifer A. Petrina, focuses on the organizational health and financial sustainability of CAPC. This entails implementation and administration of CAPC’s core financial and operational functions including several business intelligence and human resource initiatives.

Ms. Petrina has expertise in strategic planning, budget design and development, forecasting, utilization of key metrics for performance measurement, cost cutting, maximization of revenue as well as policy and procedure development. Her work also comprises business information systems management with a focus on quality assurance and risk management.

Prior to joining CAPC, Ms. Petrina worked as a business executive in various health care and academic settings, such as Columbia University, NYU Langone Medical Center, and the University of Pennsylvania, with expertise in driving administrative and financial operations, building and re-engineering new infrastructure, and establishing transparency and accountability to streamline operations.

Ms. Petrina holds an MBA from Temple University and a BS in Management Information Systems from Dominican College. She currently resides in Long Island, New York.

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