How a health care system cares for its most ill and vulnerable patients speaks volumes about the quality of that organization. At Providence St. Joseph Health we have an opportunity to provide state-of-the-art care; doing so requires real sophistication in how we train clinicians and develop specialty palliative care programs. CAPC is the authoritative source for both education in clinical best practices in care of people with serious illness and their families and programmatic expertise for building relationships with a health system’s leadership and developing compelling business cases for the specialty service line of palliative care. We felt that a systemwide CAPC membership was the right way to support our palliative care programs and colleagues across this highly diverse seven-state health system.

Ira Byock, MD, FAAHPM
Chief Medical Officer, Institute for Human Caring, Providence St. Joseph Health

Health systems are called upon to support reliable access to quality palliative care services across the full network range, from hospitals to home care, to long-term care. CAPC membership ensures consistency, efficiency, and quality.

  • Standardize care across the system.
  • Increase core competencies by giving every staff member unfettered access to training in communication skills, pain and symptom management, and other key skills needed for treating seriously ill patients.
  • Reliably identify patients with palliative care needs.
  • Match services to needs, whether that means a palliative care consult or an assessment by trained staff from any specialty.
  • Provide high-value care to seriously ill patients by training with CAPC’s scalable, award-winning, on-line training curriculum.
  • Enjoy free continuing education credits and ABIM MOC credits.

Membership fees are based on a per entity basis. System discounts may apply.

Contact CAPC Member Services to learn more or to become a health system member.

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