Innovators and entrepreneurs are working to improve the care of frail older adults and others living with complex chronic conditions. These organizations have found that the key to high-quality, cost-effective care for these populations lies in expert communication skills, proactive symptom management, caregiver support, and reducing polypharmacy.

Disrupter organizations working to build these critical clinical skills can train their staff using CAPC’s online courses—filling education gaps while increasing both patient and employee satisfaction. One large organization reported significant increases in nurse retention due to CAPC clinical training.

CAPC membership offers:

  • Easy, convenient tools to assign CE courses to employees and track their progress
  • Tools for planning and implementing a workforce training initiative
  • Comprehensive communication skills training and clinical supports
  • Symptom management training for common symptoms like pain, anxiety, depression, dyspnea, nausea/vomiting, and constipation
  • Training in best practices in dementia care and caregiver support
  • Evidence-based tools to engage patients and assess areas of distress

Annual Fee: Membership fees vary based on the number of users.

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