Membership in CAPC has been invaluable to our efforts to develop a palliative care program at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. The clinical support and education programs for our case managers, provider engagement, and quality metrics resources, and access to a network of experts in the field has empowered our program development. We would otherwise not be in position to offer the additional support our members deserve.

Richard E. Beverly, MD, FACEP
Associate Medical Director, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama

Health plans use CAPC membership to advance important initiatives, from skills training to operational management.

  • Equip case managers with the required communication skills and assessment tools for working with members with serious illness.
  • Develop algorithms and processes for proactive identification and engagement of rising-risk members.
  • Build benefits, programs, and provider networks for home-based primary and palliative care.
  • Manage quality of care and incentives for existing network providers, spanning hospitals, post-acute care, emergency departments, oncology practices, and more.
  • Educate pharmacy and clinical staff on safe prescribing and management of opioids.

Annual Fee: Membership fees vary based on the number of users.

For a single price, all health plan staff can access CAPC courses and resources as widely and often as they like, and have personal access to leading national experts through Virtual Office Hours and special multi-payer roundtables. Some health plans choose to bring CAPC training and resources to selected providers in their network, which enhances their capabilities in serving people with serious illness; this is an investment with a strong return.

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