• Thursday, December 14

    10 a.m. - 11 a.m. ET

Join us for this small-group consulting call to ask questions about how to successfully develop and facilitate well-being debriefings within your organization.

Health care organizations are increasingly offering opportunities for health care workers to debrief about work challenges. Well-being debriefings are informal, peer-facilitated, small-group meetings where participants can give voice to the difficult nature of their work and discuss issues that negatively affect resiliency (e.g., burnout, stress, compassion fatigue).

Questions from previous sessions include:

  • How do I get organizational support for debriefings?
  • What is the facilitator’s role?
  • What is the optimal structure for the debriefing sessions?
  • What are techniques to assure participants feel comfortable talking?
  • What are good marketing strategies for the sessions?

Please note:

- If you are unable to attend this session, you can watch the two-part on-demand webinar and download the Facilitator Training Manual.

- This is NOT a debriefing session. If you are interested in joining an informal, facilitated debriefing discussion, register for an upcoming session (confidential and open to all).

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