The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a stunning toll on the emotional well-being of health care workers. Many of us are looking for proven strategies to mitigate the natural stress, empathy strain, and moral distress that we are experiencing.

In this two-part webinar series, Vickie Leff, LCSW, will train attendees to be peer facilitators for well-being debriefings, providing the skills needed to bring this technique to their organizations. Peer-facilitated debriefings are an evidence-based way to provide support to health care workers; they increase social support, decrease feelings of isolation, and provide opportunities to learn from each other when coping with difficult issues. The result: positive impact on well-being, personal resiliency, improved patient care, and reduced feelings of burnout.

In the first webinar, attendees will learn: how well-being debriefings help health care workers; how to get buy-in from leadership; the debriefing format and role of the facilitator; how to validate the normal, expectable stress that accompanies our work; and how to navigate challenging group situations.

This webinar will be followed by part two, in which attendees will practice the techniques discussed in part one, and have opportunities to practice and reflect.



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