Palliative care leaders often need to meet with their organization’s C-suite to discuss or defend their program. Even the most seasoned leaders may find it intimidating to present to those who are in positions of influence over their program’s future. Many feel challenged when it comes to convincingly communicating their program’s value, particularly when it requires using unfamiliar business terminology that resonates with the C-suite.

As part of CAPC’s 2021 Leadership Series, this webinar is an opportunity for palliative care leaders to learn effective communication techniques for portraying their program’s value to leadership. Listen as panelists demonstrate how they pitch their C-suite, as communication expert, John Beilenson, provides real-time feedback. By the end of this interactive skill-building session, listeners will be able to assess their current approach for communicating to leadership; strengthen the information conveyed and feel more comfortable doing so; and learn how to overcome challenges when communicating program value.

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