Measurement tells the story of your palliative care service: what it does, whom it serves, and its impact on outcomes important to patients, families, leaders, decision makers, funders/payers, and other stakeholders.

This toolkit provides guidance on measurement so that your program can:

  • Demonstrate value to stakeholders
  • Align your services with national palliative care quality standards
  • Manage your program operations
  • Perform continuous quality improvement

What’s in the Toolkit

Recommendations for program measures that are feasible to collect and that produce data that the program can use to achieve its goals.

Menu of MIPS Quality Measures

Clinicians who participate in the Merit-based Incentive System must submit data annually on six quality measures. This list highlights the most relevant ones for palliative care clinicians.

Measurement Strategies that Work: How to Use Data to Build Strong Palliative Care Programs

In this webinar, speakers Lynn Hill Spragens, MBA, and Santiago Lopez, MD, will introduce measurement strategies using data to build strong palliative care programs.

CAPC Measurement Guide

Recommendations for measures and approaches to evaluating palliative care services that enable growth and improvement.

Palliative Care Quality Collaborative (PCQC)

PCQC is a membership organization that operates a national unified palliative care registry, which captures both program and patient-level data. Membership allows palliative care teams to track their performance over time, benchmark against their peers, and participate in quality improvement offerings.

Making the Case for Palliative Care: Demonstrating Value through Measurement

This Virtual Office Hour explores best practices in evaluating your program and engaging stakeholders.

Synthesize data to manage the program efficiently, perform continuous quality improvement, and demonstrate value to stakeholders.

Demonstrating Value to Stakeholders

Tools to make the case for palliative care resources and financial partnerships, including the palliative care evidence base and downloadable tools for presenting the case.

A Decade of Data: Findings and Insights from the National Palliative Care Registry™ Webinar Recording

Watch this CAPC on-demand webinar, A Decade of Data: Findings and Insights from the National Palliative Care Registry Webinar Recording.

Monitoring Team Effectiveness: Measuring with Metrics, Not to Metrics

Webinar presentation on how to leverage measurement for quality improvement and to demonstrate value.

Connecting the Dots Between Team Management Principles and Billing Practices

In this on-demand webinar, speakers Lynn Hill Spragens, MBA, and Santiago Lopez, MD, introduce practical steps to improve team work flow and achieve appropriate billing results, demonstrating stewardship, and strengthening prospects for growth.

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