Palliative care teams’ work not only benefits patients and caregivers and supports effective care by collaborating specialists, it positively impacts health care quality and cost outcomes. But, the rationale for building new or expanded palliative care teams is rarely based on the anticipated profitability of the team’s Part B professional billing. Nevertheless, wRVUs based on billing are often included in team or individual provider evaluation.

Effective leaders can embrace (or at least accept) that this is a piece of the evaluation puzzle and be proactive about defining reasonable targets and demonstrating team accountability. If leaders approach billing as necessary and appropriate, they can use the process to also improve the team’s workflow, timeliness, and capacity. This demonstrates good stewardship, which is critical to successfully advocate for team resources to improve patient care.

This webinar will introduce practical steps to improve team work flow and achieve appropriate billing results, demonstrating stewardship, and strengthening prospects for growth.

Learning Objectives

Attendees will be able to:

  • Identify 2 team habits that can improve palliative care team function and billing results.
  • Describe recommended approaches to integrate ACP documentation into workflow.
  • Define objectives for template development that support billing and patient care.
  • Initiate discussions with billing staff to “give and get” insights to improve efficient documentation and results.
  • Include and frame billing results in longer-term business plans.
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Toolkit with billing and coding best practices for palliative care services delivered in the hospital or the community. Includes 46 resources.
Use this toolkit to select program measures that demonstrate value to stakeholders and support quality care delivery. Overcome common measurement obstacles and synthesize program data. Includes 9 resources.

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