Palliative Care and CAPC

Palliative care is the future of medicine — and CAPC membership ensures maximum return on your growing investment in palliative care.


Dr. Diane E. Meier, Defining Palliative Care

Director of the Center to Advance Palliative Care, Diane E. Meier defines palliative care.


Since 1998, palliative care has experienced stunning growth in both the number and the quality of U.S. palliative care programs. In little more than a decade, palliative care in American hospitals has risen more than 164 percent reaching over 1,700 hospitals in 2012.

Over 90 percent of large U.S. hospitals and hundreds of community hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities offer palliative care services today. What we need now is the rapid spread of palliative care within as well as beyond the hospital to patient homes, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, cancer centers and other community settings where millions of seriously ill people and their families live and need help.

So instead of reinventing the palliative care wheel, you can transform and empower your organization by adopting our proven best practices. Together with CAPC, you and your organization can lead, serve and bring palliative care to wherever it is urgently needed.

Together we will build the future of healthcare. This is why CAPC membership matters.

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