It has been a long year for clinicians on the front lines and it is safe to say that all health care organizations have seen the emotional toll the pandemic has taken on its staff, regardless of role or ranking. Team members are depleted. A recent CAPC survey confirmed that palliative care leaders perceive their staff to be resilient, but report alarming rates of burnout and grief.

As part of CAPC’s 2021 Leadership Series, this webinar addresses how to lead a team that is emotionally stressed or distressed during times like the present. Questions answered include, “How can leaders convey hope and positivity, while acknowledging that the difficult times are not over?”, “How can leaders sustain motivation and team health despite being unable to ‘fix’ many of the current sources of burnout?” Join us as panelists discuss the realities of program leadership in a depleted work environment.

Who should attend:

Webinar content will be relevant to any palliative care professionals taking a leadership role in the field. Program managers will benefit from this panel, as will listeners who are leaders in other capacities.

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