How does the COVID-19 pandemic impact plans for growth, and how do you pivot to address necessary changes? Is patient volume growing faster than your palliative care team can support? Has your inpatient team been asked to see patients in the clinic or home with no additional staffing?

As palliative care becomes more prevalent, and a standard of care, referring providers and organizational leaders are expecting palliative care teams to quickly meet growing patient needs across all settings. This can place a huge strain on a team. In the current environment, knowing how to respond to growth opportunities in a positive way and how to stage the expansion of the team and services will become critical to long-term sustainability.

As part of CAPC’s Improving Team Effectiveness series, this webinar features two program leaders who have experienced several periods of rapid growth and change. They will share how they established realistic growth and quality expectations with organizational leadership, strategies used to recruit and retain stable teams, how they were able to effectively pivot to address current needs in these uncertain times, and lessons learned.

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