Additional Resources

More resources on communication and COVID-19
COVID-Ready Communication Skills: A VitalTalk Open Source Primer

Practical advice on how to talk about difficult topics related to COVID-19, including specific phrasing for patient and family conversations.

Communication Skills for Bridging Inequality During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sample script to help clinicians better understand patients’ experiences and meet needs, both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Serious Illness Care Program COVID-19 Response Toolkit

Conversation guide, telehealth communication tips, recommendation aid, and care planning resources.

Respecting Choices: COVID-19 Conversation Resources

Care planning guides and decision aides for patients and families impacted by COVID-19.

Best Case/Worst Case: ICU Conversations for COVID-19

Toolkit for navigating conversations with patients’ families to inform critical care clinicians about the lives of the patients they are caring for and support families who are absent from the patient’s bedside and isolated at home. Shared by HIPxChange.

Palliative Communication Guide for Interpreters

Training tool for interpreters working with COVID or other seriously ill patients, including conversation frameworks and recommended phrases. Formatted for printing and sharing as pocket cards. Shared by the Mount Sinai Health System.

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