These communication resources were created in partnership with VitalTalk.
Conversation scripts and video examples of how to talk to patients and families about COVID-19 issues.

For practical advice on how to talk about many difficult topics related to COVID-19, including specific phrasing for patient and family conversations, read COVID-Ready Communication Skills: A VitalTalk Open Source Primer.

Advance Care Planning
Conversation guides for advance care planning
Goals of Care
Training for discussing patient health care goals and wishes
Family Communication
How to talk to families and other loved ones about COVID-19
Telehealth Conversations
Guide to better communication through telehealth
Vent Withdrawal
Conversation map for shared decision-making
Saying Goodbye
How to help friends and loved ones share last words and legacies
Talking with patients and families about the COVID-19 vaccine
Additional Resources
More resources on communication and COVID-19

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