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Here at CAPC, we're constantly creating new products—and updating existing ones—to make sure that you have the best tools and technical assistance to do your job. We're excited to share the below update with you:

New Resources

CAPC Innovation Hub
This new space highlights replicable innovations that can nurture new ideas in the care of serious illness. CAPC’s curated selections cover sustaining, breakthrough, and disruptive innovations in Access to Palliative Care, Building Skills Through Clinical Training, and Health Equity. Clinicians, researchers, and other creators: explore the space and be inspired!
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Conversation Scripts
Developed by VitalTalk and CAPC, two new conversation scripts highlight skills and techniques that will help foster meaningful conversations regardless of the existing patient-clinician relationship. Edible versions of both scripts can be downloaded and used in your daily practice.
Download the Conversation Script: Goals of Care
Download the Conversation Script: Talking to Patients About Hospice

Covering Costs and Generating Revenue
Most palliative care programs combine several funding sources that may include billing revenue, investment by the home organization, partnership with health plans, and/or grants and philanthropy. This toolkit can be used to learn the fundamentals of payment, fee-for-service billing strategies, and other basics of securing revenue.
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Building Financial Relationships
Palliative care programs can receive payment and other forms of financial support from a variety of health care organizations, including Medicare Advantage plans, commercial insurers, accountable care organizations, specialty models for oncology or heart failure, and more. This toolkit curates the resources that programs need to both launch new relationships and contract carefully.
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Staffing, Budgeting, and Business Planning
A sustainable program depends upon making realistic assumptions about staff capacity and patient volumes. This toolkit helps to translate program operational and service decisions into a budget and business plan, and to consider the financial implications of program design and operations decisions.
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