More Recipes for Success from Palliative Care Programs (part two)

Updated August 12, 2019 | By CAPC Staff

Listen to podcast interviews between CAPC and palliative care specialists, which may help your program with specific challenges.

This blog post is a continuation of a recent post, which resurfaced episodes from CAPC's podcast, Palliative Care Program Spotlight⁠—a four-season audio journey that highlights successes and challenges faced by CAPC member organizations of all sizes and settings. Through our interviews, we've discovered many common themes amongst our member palliative care programs, and in the field. We've outlined a continuation of the themes below:

Making the Case with Data

Anecdotal evidence can go a long way in showing impact, but quantifying the efficacy of your program with hard data will always give your program an edge. That’s why data is constantly on the minds of program leaders—it can help sell the program to organizational leaders, and can also help a team track its performance in finding the right patients. The process can be time consuming, but good data can be a difference maker. In these episodes, leaders share successes and lessons learned in showing value through metrics.

Managing Growing Pains

As you may already know, the job of the palliative care leader is never done—even enormous success and growth comes with a new (but exciting) challenges. In these episodes, program leaders discuss how they scaled properly to meet the growing needs of their patients, as their programs hit their strides:

Bringing Palliative Care into the Community Setting

While expanding or starting a program in the community has many benefits, success doesn’t happen overnight. In these episodes, leaders describe how they built partnerships, scaled, and managed staff to cover territory, adjust payment models, and fought for the resources to turn their good ideas into a reality:

Marketing Your Palliative Care Team

On the Program Spotlight podcast, many palliative care leaders have described how managing a palliative care program is like running a small business. In addition to caring for your patients, keeping your program thriving means constantly reinforcing your value to your organization, patients, and the community. That’s why many programs are investing time and resources into marketing their programs, which the following programs do well:

To listen to more recipes for success, visit CAPC’s Program Spotlight Page where you can access all episodes of the podcast!

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