Curated episodes of CAPC's podcast, based on trends that we found amongst member palliative care programs, and in the field.

CAPC's podcast, Palliative Care Program Spotlight, highlights successes and challenges faced by CAPC member organizations of all sizes and settings. Each episode features an in-depth interview with a palliative care program leader or specialist covering common themes such as managing growth, improving the referral process, team wellness, organizational buy-in, relationship building, and much more.

Over the past four seasons, we have captured the work of forty successful programs across the country, and dove deep into their "recipes of success", so that other program leaders can learn and adopt similar strategies as their programs evolve. In part one of this blog post, we're excited to resurface episodes from the past and present, based on trends that we found amongst programs, and in the field:

Starting and Growing a Palliative Care Program

Developing a strong palliative care program takes time. In some cases, it may take years to find the right staff, build relationships within an organization and community, and ultimately change perceptions or processes. In these episodes, leaders discuss challenges, lessons learned, and triumphs in creating and sustaining new programs:

Building Connections with Referring Physicians

A team’s ability to work well with frontline clinicians is important for success. Learn to navigate these relationships, and encourage an increase in referrals through these episodes:

Hiring, Training, and Retaining Staff

Are you looking for the right staff member to join your team? Once they start, properly training your team, and helping your staff avoid burnout and stay energized is one of the most common obstacles that program leaders face, due to the demanding and often times challenging work of palliative care. These episodes offer tips for how to support staff, even during the busiest times:

Getting Your Organization’s Buy-in

When a program has the support and backing from its organization, it can make a world of a difference. With an enormous growth in health systems and evolving changes in health care payments, getting your organization to support the value of your program has never been more important. Many palliative care teams across the country are brainstorming innovative ways to make the case for what palliative care can offer to their C-suite. Hear from a few of them:

Stay tuned for part two of this blog post. In the meantime, to listen to other episodes, visit CAPC’s Program Spotlight page.