This learning pathway contains training and tools to provide an added layer of support for patients in the Emergency Department. It includes continuing education courses in symptom management, how to communicate with patients about their goals of care and support difficult decision-making, and when to refer to specialty palliative care.

CAPC Palliative Care Referral Criteria

Checklist of triggers for referral to a specialty palliative care team.

Delivering Serious News

Communicating serious clinical news to patients and families.

Discussing Prognosis

How to discuss patient prognosis in a manner that is sensitive, clear, and supportive.

Clarifying Goals of Care

Strategies for eliciting patient goals and preferences to inform treatment decisions.

Course 1: Comprehensive Pain Assessment

Conducting a comprehensive pain assessment to guide safe and effective treatment.


Reducing physical and emotional suffering from dyspnea for patients with serious illness.

Nausea and Vomiting

Identifying and managing nausea and vomiting for patients living with serious illness and their caregivers.


Assessing and managing constipation in people with serious illness.

Billing and Coding for Critical Care Codes in the ICU and ED

Patient eligibility, which providers can bill, understanding time-based billing, and what documentation is required.

Reducing Risks for Older Adults

This course provides context and best practices for identifying older adults at risk for poor outcomes, including falls, delirium, and caregiving challenges.

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