While the coronavirus has created financial and operational uncertainty across US health care, it has also highlighted the value of palliative care for patients, families, clinician colleagues, and organizations.

Strategic palliative care programs will seize the moment to proactively engage stakeholders, reinforce program value, and improve on program basics. This toolkit provides a three-step process for stabilizing and strengthening your program.

What’s in the Toolkit

Your stakeholders are making decisions in a different context than they were 'pre-COVID'. Where are they focusing their efforts, and how can palliative care collaborate to solve problems?

Stakeholder Priorities in the COVID-19 Era

Issues facing key stakeholders of palliative care programs, and how programs can help.

BRIEFING: The Future of Palliative Care During COVID-19 and Beyond

Select key stakeholders for conversations, and develop a strategy to put your best foot forward.

Engaging Stakeholders During the COVID Era

Who to talk with, what to ask, and how to prepare for meetings with palliative care program stakeholders during the COVID-19 Era.

You can't control the health care economy, but you can control the efficiency and effectiveness of your palliative care program.

Practicing Flawless Basics: Palliative Care Sustainability in the COVID Era

Four ways to stabilize any palliative care program during a time of uncertainty.