Master Clinician Series

Decision Making - It Takes A Healthcare Village

May 30, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. ET

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About the event

Ms. C was a 46 y/o AA female with a PMH of breast CA with mets to the brain and spine. She presented with complaint of increased LE weakness and immobility. Ms. C's knowledge of her illness and previous course of therapies was limited. She was found to have significant spinal metastasis, a compression fx at T11 and poor insight to her disease and overall prognosis, including denial of extent of disease. She would only allow her family to know certain information regarding her disease. The patient also denied spiritual care representation at the meeting, but welcomed spiritual care all other times. Presenters will discuss how all members of the interdisciplinary team worked together to help the patient move forward, and choose a surrogate decision maker. 

Presented by

 Corey L. Kennard, MACM and Arianne Lee, FNP-C

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