Improving Team Effectiveness: Role Clarity for a Highly Effective Interdisciplinary Team

March 22, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. ET

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About the event

Has your team ever experienced high turnover, seemingly unmanageable consult volumes, tensions among team members, role confusion or less than effective interdisciplinary team (IDT) performance? How did your team maintain clinical quality? How did your team work together to solve problems or issues that were causing stress? Whether due to growth, the ongoing stresses of palliative care, or diverse personalities, most teams experience these issues at one time or another. Figuring out how to onboard new team members, identify team issues, and collectively work through challenges as a team is critical, particularly when your team stress is at its peek.

CAPC's Improving Team Effectiveness is a series of webinars and tools designed for any clinician in any care setting to learn and discuss techniques for building and sustaining a stable, skilled, and effective interdisciplinary team, a fundamental element of high-quality palliative care.

Have you grappled with questions such as, "Who should go to family meetings?" or "Which patients should the social worker see?" The interdisciplinary team model is critical to ensuring high-quality palliative care but making the best use of all of the disciplines and skills can be challenging, particularly as teams grow and care is delivered in community-based settings such as the home and medical office practices. Taking time to better define roles helps minimize confusion and provides everyone on the team with a sense of purpose. Clarifying roles can also help ensure a more consistent experience for patients and family caregivers.

In this webinar, Hackensack Meridian Health’s Palliative Care Team will share how they have worked to more fully integrate social workers and chaplains into the palliative care teams across their sites.

Please come with questions, ideas, and experiences to share!

Webinar Details:
• A PDF of slides and recording of the presentation will be made available following the webinar
• You will have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session with the presenter
• Continuing education credits are not offered for this webinar
• Any questions? Contact Seema Setia at seema.setia@mssm.edu

Presented by

Amy Frieman, MD, MBA, FAAHPM
Corporate Medical Director, Palliative Care Services
Legacy Meridian Health, Hackensack Meridian Health Network

Kaitlyn Bender, MS, RN, CHPN
Clinical Coordinator, Palliative Care Services
Legacy Meridian Health, Hackensack Meridian Health Network

Stephanie DePiano, MSW, LCSW, ACHP-SW
Social Work Supervisor, Palliative Care Services
Legacy Meridian Health, Hackensack Meridian Health Network

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