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"Palliative care could expand the reach of population health interventions beyond prevention of illness by developing strategies to improve well-being after an illness has occurred."

Joan Teno, MD, University of Washington Palliative Care Center of Excellence
David Casarett, MD, Chief of Palliative Care Services at Duke University Health System

To improve access to palliative care, health plans and risk-bearing providers are implementing effective strategies to deliver and finance palliative care.

A Comprehensive Approach to Serious Illness Care

CAPC recommends the Serious Illness Framework to guide health plans and risk-bearing providers in comprehensive efforts to transform care for those with serious illness:

A comprehensive approach is crucial. Focusing only on the highest-need population leaves too many others at risk for unnecessary, unwanted, and potentially dangerous interventions. Enhancing the delivery system upon which both payers and patients rely will accrue benefits on a larger scale.

Best Practices Exist to Implement This Framework

The following are references, guides, and resources that provide practical information on integrating palliative care into care delivery networks and overall operations. 


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