• Wednesday, November 8

    10 a.m. - 11 a.m. ET

Join us for this small-group consulting call to ask questions about program development and operation for community-based palliative care service lines. This includes office- or clinic-based, home-based and the long-term care setting. Questions may include factors such as administrative oversight, patient populations, services, staffing, and quality metrics for palliative care.

Questions from previous sessions include:

  • How can we standardize documentation and assessments for the initial consult?
  • What guidance or protocols exist for an embedded clinic in an outpatient cardiology office?
  • What approach should we use to educate fellow clinicians—and patients—on specialty palliative care?
  • What are the up-front contractual needs for palliative care services in long-term care settings?
  • What is the credentialing process for working in long-term care settings?
  • How do you stay connected with a mobile workforce that is serving patients across different environments?

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