Palliative care consensus guidelines, research about patient preferences, and best practices validate the critical role of professional chaplains on palliative care teams. Yet palliative care leaders tasked with hiring and mentoring chaplains often need clarification about spiritual care training pathways and credentialing, as well as what to expect from chaplains joining palliative care teams.

In this webinar, Rev. Katy Hyman, MDiv, BCC, and Allison Kestenbaum, BCC-PCHAC, ACPE, will draw on their experience as palliative and spiritual care team administrators and clinicians to advise palliative care leaders about managing palliative care chaplains. They will cover recruitment criteria, interviews, job descriptions, mentoring, and performance evaluations for interfaith chaplains. By the end of the session, participants will be able to advocate for the meaningful inclusion of appropriately trained and credentialled chaplains on their palliative care teams, articulate the core competencies and interprofessional skills needed, and identify resources for professional mentorship and development.

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Assessing and addressing spiritual and existential needs, and leveraging the role of the chaplain on the interdisciplinary team. Includes 52 resources.

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