A growing number of health systems are asking palliative care program leaders and teams to lead and run a palliative care service across multiple hospitals, clinics, and other sites. This trend is expected to continue with the growth in health system consolidations.

The opportunities for planning and operating at a system-level include improving cross-coverage, ensuring more consistent onboarding and training of new staff, and securing funding through a centralized budgeting process. At the same time, there are significant challenges and factors that those leading or working in a system-wide service will need to understand to be effective.

In this webinar, three palliative care program leaders share practical tips for designing a health system palliative care strategy and service. By the end of the moderated session, participants will learn how health systems organize palliative care at the system-level; understand why health systems are creating system-level programs or service lines, including opportunities and challenges; and identify key issues and questions, as part of health system program planning.

This is the first webinar in the ‘Planning Forward’ series, moderated by Tom Gualtieri-Reed, MBA.

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