Crisis Protocols

Protocols for managing common symptoms of COVID-19
Pocket Card: COVID Symptom Management and Key Communication Phrases

One-page front-and-back pocket card with dyspnea protocols, opioid quick tips, and specific communication phrases for responding to patient/family anxiety and discussing treatment options. Can be edited to include palliative care referral contact. Adapted from materials shared by Stanford Health.

Symptom Management: COVID-19 Prescribing Guidance

Medications and starting doses for common symptoms.

Stepwise Protocols for Crisis Symptom Management

Practical guidance to be shared with all clinicians to ensure patient symptoms are managed.

Palliative Care Referral Criteria: COVID-19 Context

Guidance on when to refer patients with COVID-19 or pre-existing serious illnesses for specialty palliative care.

Medication Reference for Symptom Management in the Home

Medication recommendations in liquid, tablet, or suppository formulations, including dosing and prescription quantities.

Outpatient Opioid Prescribing During COVID-19

Allowable telehealth practices for opioid prescribing from the DEA under COVID-19.

Comfort Pack Info Sheet for Patients: Sample

Example reference sheet for patients on how and when to use in-home comfort pack medications to manage symptoms.

Symptom Management Support for COVID-19 in the Nursing Home

Medication guidelines for managing shortness of breath, pain, constipation, anxiety or agitation, nausea/vomiting, secretions, and diarrhea in a long-term care setting.

Prescribing Opioids: A Pocket Reference

Opioid pocket reference for providers including safe starting doses, equianalgesic chart, and standard dosing strengths.

DEA Diversion Control Division: Controlled Substances

DEA updates about controlled substances supply and prescribing guidance.

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