High-quality communication is a major driver of high-quality care, particularly for patients with serious illness. Yet most physicians receive little training in communication skills. As a result, people with serious illness may receive inappropriate interventions that do not help them to achieve their highest priority goals in life.

Together with Ariadne Labs and VitalTalk, CAPC is working to bring communication skills and competencies to all clinicians caring for people living with serious illness. Our efforts to bring this training to scale are represented on the Communication Skills Pathfinder website.

The Communication Skills Pathfinder portal enables all clinicians to find the training they need to have high-quality conversations with the seriously ill patients they serve. By scaling best practices in clinician-patient communication—for both individual clinicians and organizations—CAPC, Ariadne Labs, and VitalTalk will accelerate improvement in serious illness care. The Communication Skills Pathfinder helps clinicians and organizations:

  • Easily identify their communication training needs and access the appropriate training and tools
  • Become communication skills experts and trainers
  • Implement an organization-wide, system redesign strategy

The Pathfinder website is generously supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

VitalTalk and CAPC also collaborated to develop five online CE courses in communication skills for clinicians from all specialties and disciplines. The courses are available on CAPC’s website.