Program Spotlight: Showing Your Program's Value and Return on Investment

Updated February 26, 2020 | By CAPC Staff

A palliative care program director discusses the importance of establishing processes and metrics for grant funding, and beyond.

In a recent episode of CAPC's podcast, Dr. Stephanie Houck of UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas shares how her palliative care team demonstrates its value through quality data, to continue to apply for grant funding and ultimately be adopted by her institution. Dr. Houck also discusses how her team promotes palliative care within the hospital setting, including the emergency department, oncology, intensive care, and ambulatory care units.

"Right now we're creating the documentation and collecting quality data to prove our [financial] worth to our institution, so that when the grant is over, we'll be able to continue with our service."

Listen to the podcast:

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