Program Spotlight: How to Create a Culture of Palliative Care

February 25, 2019 | By CAPC Staff

In the latest episode of Program Spotlight, Jennifer Blechman, MD, and Adriane Mackie, RN, of Partners in Care in Bend, Oregon, discuss their success in building and growing an outpatient palliative care program through upstream referrals from a local oncology unit.

Having originally received referrals late in a patient’s illness, Dr. Blechman and Adrian discuss how they leveraged agency resources and relationships, and ultimately created a culture where palliative care is a welcome extension of an oncology team’s practice.

Having the opportunity to be implanted in the office type setting, and meeting people who come in to see their providers has been a great opportunity—to educate the providers and medical assistants, and be there for support for patients in need.

Listen to the podcast:

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