This Learning Pathway contains eight hours of AACME and ANCC accredited training in the management of opioid and substance use disorders required for all DEA-registered clinicians by The Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) Act. Visit the DEA Diversion Control website for complete instructions and an overview of this new requirement. Upon completion, learners will receive a downloadable certificate.

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To learn more, after completing your eight hours of training, view CAPC's on-demand webinar How Opioid Use Disorder Intersects with Serious Illness and Chronic Pain and Case Review How to Screen for Opioid Use Disorder and Make Complex Opioid Decisions.

Course 4: Assessing Risk for Opioid Substance Use Disorder

Integrating routine risk assessment for substance use disorder when considering or using opioid therapy.

Course 6: Prescribing An Opioid

Safe and appropriate opioid prescribing for the opioid-naive patient with serious illness.

Course 8: Monitoring for Opioid Efficacy, Side Effects, and Substance Use Disorder

Ongoing evaluation of opioid benefits, risks, and side effects for the patient with serious illness.

Course 11: Advanced Conversions and Opioid Side Effects

Changing the route of opioid delivery, rotating opioids, advanced opioid conversions, and tapering opioids.

Course 13: Managing Pain in Patients At Risk for Substance Use Disorder

Pain management for patients with serious illness and high risk for substance use disorder, including risk assessment, monitoring, and when to refer for safe pain management.

Non-Opioid Chronic Pain Management

Clinical training on the biological basis of chronic pain, building patient trust, and non-pharmacological and non-opioid treatments for managing chronic pain in patients with serious illness.

Risk Mitigation Strategies for Opioid Prescribing

Clinical training course on universal precautions to identify and assess opioid misuse, and prevent opioid use disorder (OUD) in patients with serious illness.

Opioid Prescribing for Chronic Pain

Clinical training on prescribing an opioid trial for the management of a seriously ill patient's chronic pain.

Treatment Strategies for Opioid Use Disorder

Clinical training course for identifying and managing opioid use disorder (OUD) in patients with serious illness, and treating pain in seriously ill patients with OUD.

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