COVID-19 Response Training

Training for any clinician caring for patients in the context of COVID-19. Includes continuing education courses and downloadable protocols for crisis symptom management, and communication resources specific to conversations with patients and families about COVID-19.

All courses are publicly available during the COVID-19 crisis. CAPC members, log in to your account to earn continuing education credits for course completions.

Symptom Management

Symptom Medications: COVID-19 Clinical Resource

Medications and starting doses for common symptoms. Updated 3/19/20.


Stepwise Protocols for Crisis Symptom Management

Practical guidance to be shared with all clinicians to ensure patient symptoms are managed.



Reducing physical and emotional suffering from dyspnea for patients with serious illness.

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Course 6: Prescribing An Opioid

Safe and appropriate opioid prescribing for the opioid-naive patient with serious illness.

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Nausea and Vomiting

Identifying and managing nausea and vomiting for patients living with serious illness and their caregivers.

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Assessing and managing constipation in people with serious illness.

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Communicating About COVID-19

COVID-Ready Communication Skills: A VitalTalk Open Source Primer

Practical advice on how to talk about difficult topics related to COVID-19, including specific phrasing for patient and family conversations.


Communicating with Patients and Families during COVID-19

Join this Virtual Office Hour to discuss navigating difficult conversations with patients and families during COVID-19.


Communicating with Patients and Families During COVID-19


Serious Illness Care Program COVID-19 Response Toolkit

Conversation guide, telehealth communication tips, recommendation aid, and care planning resources.


Comprehensive COVID-19 Response Toolkit

CAPC COVID-19 Response Resources

This toolkit includes crisis communication and symptom management protocols for all clinicians, and guidance to help palliative care teams address high levels of volume and stress during a crisis.


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