Virtual Office Hour

Improving Team Effectiveness

February 28, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. ET

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About the event

Andrew E. Esch, MD, MBA
Tom Gualtieri-Reed, MBA
Palliative Care Consultants

Office hours are modeled after the face-to-face office hours that take place every year at the CAPC Seminar. They are a unique opportunity for CAPC users to approach experts when they have difficult questions or complex situations. We encourage members to browse CAPC Central, download relevant self-study materials such as technical assistance tools, past presentations, articles or monographs, and then to bring unanswered questions to an Office Hours session on the topic of their choice.

Come with your questions regarding: program management, clinical protocols, staffing and improving team effectiveness, etc.

FAQ's from past participants:
•How can we encourage providers to refer earlier to palliative care?
•What is realistic consult volume and when is it time to add more staff?
•What is the right kind of staffing ratios for in-patient settings?
•How long should the palliative care time be seeing a patient before its time to “sign off”?
•How to strengthen team dynamics due to the high turnover rate?
•How to handle dramatic increase in consults with limited staff?

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