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CAPC provides palliative care-related videos and podcasts for the education of both professionals and the public. Click on a video thumbnail or description to play. Or, view our videos directly on our YouTube channels CAPC Palliative and GetPalliativeCare.

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Featured Videos

Palliative Care: "The Missing Ingredient in Medical School"

Medical School Students discuss why palliative care should be integrated into medical school curriculum earlier and more frequently.

The Importance of Palliative Care Training for All Clinicians

Janice Connolly, MD on the growth of palliative care and the need for training in pain and communication skills for all clinicians.


Welcome to CAPC Central

This guided tour walks you through CAPC Central, the portal to tools, training, technical assistance, and palliative care resources.

Dr. Diane Meier - Mapping Community Palliative Care

In this video, Dr. Diane Meier, CAPC Director, discusses how Mapping Community Palliative Care will make it easier for patients, families, and their clinicians to find palliative care services in ...

National Landscape of Hospital-Based Palliative Care 2016

National Landscape of Hospital-Based Palliative Care: Findings from the National Palliative Care Registry™ This webinar presented on July 13, 2017 covers keys insights on adult hospital-based palliative care in 2016 ...

National Palliative Care Registry Dashboard Tutorial

Tutorial video showing how to add service settings, enter data, access reports, and update program information through the National Palliative Care Registry

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