As the U.S. healthcare landscape evolves, the CAPC audience has posed ideas and asked great questions about payment or policy changes that should, theoretically, improve access to palliative care. While these ideas are logical, over time, some have proven infeasible, some have confronted significant barriers, and others have proven to be based on erroneous assumptions. Now that CAPC has learned more about opportunities and barriers, we can share more information about why payers and policymakers are or are not pursuing various approaches to support palliative care.

In this webinar, CAPC’s Health Care Transformation team will answer the following questions and more: Why is 24/7 access a critical component of program and policy design? Why is a palliative care quality measure in Medicare Advantage unlikely to improve access? Why does legislation sometimes not improve access? In addition, webinar attendees can ask their payment- and policy-related questions during registration, which presenters may answer as part of the presentation.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to describe current incentives and parameters driving payer responses, explain key policy levers and questions considered by policymakers, and reassess advocacy efforts on the organizational, state, or federal level.

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